Tuesday, March 4, 2008

As the days grow longer...

...so does my to do list!
I finally got out and did some gardening this past weekend and It was so healing to dig in the dirt and plant seeds for future harvest. I started a bunch of new rose bushes, Cecil Brunners, so I can have them completely surround my home! They are my favorite roses and a good climber to provide more privacy to my yard.
Other things I've put off until Someday include:
~ roofing the "Bird" house... Burdocks shelter
~ divide my African Violets (Please let me know if you want one, cuz I already have too many!)
~ put up the second greenhouse
~ rent a tiller and dig up a real veggie bed
~ burn last years brush ummm, after I dig out my overgrown fire pit
oh yeah, and I need to clean out & organize the green house so there is more room for plants, less for scrap lumber.

I'm sure there is more to come. What are some of your projects?
To Spring! Laura